Saturday, 30 August 2014


AFTER weeks of working, thinking, more work and overthinking, it's finally ready. Ready like everything is painted, all stuff in on the right place and it feels like home. First days it felt like a hotel room. Now it's mine. Grey and white, all clean, sophisticated and minimal. Still gotta add a lot of personal things in my interior. Glad it will be all done when school is starting. The summer holiday is coming to an end. Can't even remember my ever last schoolday. The Paris adventure is really finished now. It has been exactly one year since I left. Sometimes I just want to dream and hideaway. That city had so much to offer. Can't wait to go back and visit my favourite furniture stores like Merci. What are your plans for this weekend? I know it already started a few hours ago, but mine just started. Enjoy it!

Friday, 29 August 2014


YESTERDAY I saw this amazing, pretty, wonderful, nice, handsome, gorgeous and stunning bag?! I am absolutely no fan of bags. Picking a handbag is a drama. Let's face it. This one is perfect ! Fits with everything I guess. Good size for some shopping and you can even take this with you while nipping your cocktails at saturday night. What about impressing your date with this one? I am sure you will have him already in the pocket. The guy of course ;) See you later ! I am dreaming about this bag, once I will have something like you, little Phillip.

Thursday, 28 August 2014


SPOTTED. My all time favourite model in Interview magazine this month. The talented Mikael Jansson made this stunning black and white shots of Werbowy. These photos are so peaceful and mysterious. I want to run away, to a place far away from home and feel exactly like her. Amazing how a serie of photos can give you a certain feeling. Since I have my new photocamera I am more into taking photos. Normally I am the one in front of the camera, but I guess I prefer standing behind it. Can't wait to do more with this. What is your favourite photographer? 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


LITERALLY, it has been ages since I came back from my magical trip to India. As the weather in Holland is so depressing, I can't stop looking at my holiday photos. We took so many photos, that is it impossible to pick some and show them to you. So these few ones are just to give you an impression. India always have been a dream to me. And now, after all, I am dreaming again. Wish I could go back, for some days. All the colours, the lovely people and happiness all around you. Wouldn't say that life is so much better there, but I guess. People are happy with what they have. In this crazy western world no one is actually happy. It's never enough. But you should be more than happy with everything you have. I know this has nothing to do with fashion, as my blog is about that. But I use my blog as a diary, and this trip is one of the most important things of my life. This can't miss. Let me know what you think of these pictures. Ever visited India? What are your experiences? These photos are taken with my new camera, more than happy with the result!

Saturday, 23 August 2014


GREAT, finally weekend after a long week of hard work. But hard work pays off. It's done. Couldn't be more happy with the end result. Now it's feels like an empty kind of showroom, so it's time for some real decoration. Today I will spend my day in bed, with my laptop, looking for inspiration. When I have enough energy, I will jump out of my bed, to start with some work. Because there is still a lot of work to do. First I wanted to show you this. In love with these photos of Natasha Poly. It's like a piece of art. The lines in the clothes, her face and her body. I am always more attracted by photography when there is something like art or architecture in it. Think I will just print these, and hang them on my wall for the moment. Do you have some nice plans for this weekend? Will there be finally some sun again? This shitty summer is pissing me off! Enjoy your weekend! See you soon.