Saturday, 25 April 2015


TWO weeks ago I got in contact with a lovely girl from Femme des Fleurs. It's a dutch girl who sells unique jewelry pieces from all over the world. 'Cause I love to travel, I also have a weak for these beautiful necklaces. I ordered myself the tube necklace, where you can put in little things. For example a little note or maybe even ash. Asja from FDV, gifted me the sterling silver necklace and now I always combine them with an Indian coin necklace. So happy with my new pieces. Do you also have some jewelry you always wear? Can you recommend me some webshops?

Thursday, 23 April 2015


JUST a quick secret update because I should work my ass off at the office. Due a lack of concentration I thought it would be more interesting to share my look from a few days ago. This one is really one of my favourite basic looks. You can wear this easily to all kind events, meetings or a stroll in the city. That was my part. Me and my bae did a bike ride ( well he was ). We only have one bicycle, which makes it super duper easy for me. Just sitting and shining at the back.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


CRUSH CRUSH on this babe lately. I discovered some very nice content about her and her house in Venice Beach and that makes me want to buy a ticket to the States, and buy her crip. Erin Wasson is not only an actress, but also a model, a stylist and a designer. Oh la la, not more? She looks extremely stunning, flawless, effortlessly natural beauty. Her wavy hair, several tattoos and cool hippie clothes makes her a real inspiration to me. Let's drool away. Do you like her style and appearance? 

Monday, 20 April 2015


A color I used to hate when I was younger. A color I used to avoid when I was younger. It looked awful against my pale skin and my mother always warned me for it. Nowadays my skin is a bit more bronzed thanks to a million skin care products and now I am finally able to wear this stunning color, yellow. I felt in love with the bag in one second, so I didn't doubt about this purchase. Every time I am wearing it now, it makes me so happy. Love to add some color to my outfits by wearing a eyecatcher bag. What do you think of my bucket bag inspired by Louis Vuitton? This is actually a try out, because I am saving money for a real one. Not sure yet which one I should take.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


KIND of obsessed with this old trend. Or is it a new trend again? Sometimes I am not really up to date because of my studies, so I am sorry for that. Anyway, I really like this pinstripe look of this stunner at Australian Fashion Week. Didn't even knew that they also had a fashion week, don't get mad at me now. The thing is, that she looks awesome in this ensemble. Curious how I would look like in this outfit.. The black accessories are making it chic too. Have a nice weekend and see you soon.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


ANOTHER point to talk about in this chapter. The apple watch. It seems like everyone is talking about it. It was sold in a few minutes and here in Holland it's not available yet. And to be honest, I am glad. It is getting worse and worse when it comes to this online world we are living in. I have the strong feeling that the 'real' life will disappear. We don't even have time to really look at each other, to have interesting conversations, have quality time with your loved one or even have a real kiss. Because we always have to be online which will makes us offline. Trying to actually keep someone away from this hype. Is an Iphone which is 24/7 in your hands not enough? Or an Ipad? If you ask me, please don't buy this horror watch which will lead to nothing. Merci! What do you think about the Apple watch? I think it's a perfect watch for single people who are running a business. So now you know!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


REMEMBER I used to share my fav editorials here on my blog? Ok, well that's a longggg time ago. I know. But let's be clear. Aren't the Vogue Paris editorials the only ones who count? Isn't that all that matters in the world when talking about fashion? Like real fashion? Oh yes, it is. Let's just blame it on that, because I can't get my hands on every Vogue issue since I am not living in Paris anymore. But as all of you know thanks to Instagram, I was in Paris last week. Just four days, I went back into my dream and could get my hands on two issues. How lucky! March and April are shining on my dinner table right now. Wanted to share this stunning editorial of our Dutch pride Lara Stone. What is your favourite magazine ?